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We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Stone Tuckpointing Tools

Stone Tuckpointing Tools- Square Beaded

Stone Tuckpointing Tools- Round Beaded
These stone tools have a Rounded Beaded Profile of 12mm wide x 5mm deep. Giving a more pronounced raised rounded shape.
Stone Tuckpointing Tools

We manufacture Stone Tuckpointing tools which are similar to our other Square Beaded Tuckpointing Tools, except that they have a deeper square or round groove.

These examples shown below are of a 125mm long  Stone Tuckpointing Tool, with a 12mm wide square groove which is 5mm deep. The tool itself is 13.5mm wide approx so it can fit into narrower stone/brick  joints. These Stone Tuckpointing Tools come in 2 standard lengths 75mm and 125mm long.

Our stone tuckpointing tools are between 13.5 to 15mm wide. If width is a critical factor such as if the brick joints are narrow then we can supply you with a minimum width tools of 13.5mm, but you have to write to us or include a note on our shopping cart so we ensure you get the tool you want.   

We can make a 12mm or 13mm wide square groove. The squae grooves are slightly tapered to help with evacuation of lime putty.

We can make square grooves that are 3mm, 4mm or 5mm deep. Please see our products below.

Please note we do not usually keep stock of all sizes, so tools are made to order and lead time is 1 week.


Please note that we manufacture Stone Tuckpointing Tools in both 75mm and 125mm long and in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm deep grooves (other depths and widths available upon request).

They are very similar to normal Square Beaded or Round Beaded Tuckpointing Tools, except that the grooves are deeper.

We are currently offering 12mm wide widths as standard for our Stone Tuckpointing Tools.

However other Stone Tuckpointing Tools are available upon request.



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