Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Record Punching Machine

Record Punching Machine

We now manufacture a VINYL RECORD HOLE PUNCHING MACHINE which is used to punch out the 105mm diameter centre hole so that records can be remelted and recycled.

Our machine is unique in that we can punch both TRIMMED & UNTRIMMED records simply by turning a switch.

We have centre location system so untrimmed records especially can be located regardless of how much irregular watse surrounds the perimeter of the record.

This machine plugs into an air compressor and a 240V power outlet.

We have recently upgraded our Record Hole Punching Machine so that it is now:

1. Very Compact design.

2. Hydro-pneumatic - bigger tonnage, less noise.

3. PLC driven and all electric.

4. Quiet operation so can be used in more confined locations.

5. Easier to ship as bottom frame is detachable.

6. More reliable.

7. Easier to operate, just place record in and once record located on centre, punching is automatic.

8. Will punch 105mm holes, centrally located.

9. Can punch trimmed and untrimmed records. You just change selector which drops down rear stops for trimmed records for easier location, and these rear stops are retracted for untrimmed records.

Both operations very easy to use.

10. No Foot pedal.

11. Fully Automatic - just plcae record into machine and it will automatically punch. Punching sequence is PLC controlled therefore no mechanical valves etc.

Record Hole Punching Machine Specifications:

Weight of machine= 142kg.

Shipping crate dimensions: 82cm wide x 67cm long x 130cm high - Total weight = 172kg.

Minimum Amount of records punched = 50,000 +

600mm wide x 600mm long trolley.

Trolley is on wheels, which means you can easily move machine around to where it is needed. And wheels can be locked in place if required.

You simply place a plastic bucket on the bottom plywood base to collect the waste circular disks.


Please click on link below to watch a short YouTube video showing how our machine works:


As you can see from the YouTube video above our Speedex Record Hole Punching Machine is very easy to operate.

It is quiet. You do not need a foot pedal to operate, and you dont have to think to hard. Just place record in and it will punch automatically.

You can easily swicth from trimmed and untrimmed records.

Our new machine has alot of safety features so you can't place fingers inside cutting area.

And our machine has a record holding clamp which also prevents small broken records bits flying in an operators face.

So all the waste is fully contained and makes our machine very safe to use.

Below is a picture of our completed machine with electrics connected.

The top red button is emergency stop.

Below the emergency stop button is a switch which can be turned left or right to alternate from Trimmed and Untrimmed records.

Please note below shows where the air line gets connected to our machine.

Our newest Record Hole Punching Machine has a detachable base so it can be more easily be shipped overseas, making the crate much more compact in size.

Below is our machine being packed on a crate to be shipped overseas. Note the centre of gravity is low.

The yellow bracket on top of the machine is a lifting point for easy re-assembly of the unit on arrival at your location.

The picture below shows our machine with various hoses and electronic sensors attached.

Below is our original old obsolete version of our record hole punching machine.

Our new machine is much more compact, hydro-pneumatic, PLC driven, much quieter, and is easier to ship as bottom frame is detachable and much more reliable.



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