Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Die Cutting Supplies

Die Cutting Supplies

We manufacture and supply all types of bending and cutting dies for manual lever operated rule bending equipment and also automatic computer operated rule bending and cutting machines. We supply and sharpen all tooling for Richards, Helmold, Easy Cutter and East Bender products as well as any other die cutting equipment that you may have. We also sharpen rotary easy bender cutting dies and manufacture all associated punches.

We manufacture rule curving equipment, zipper notcher equipment, matrix cutters, Pneaumatic Nicking tools, rule pullers, Martin Hoops, aligning brackets.

We also provide die cutting services.

A brief list of the types of die cutting tooling that we manufacture can be seen in the items listed below. This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of what die cutting products we manufacture and supply.

We can supply all Helmold Bending Dies, Links, Slot Dies and Bendall attachments. Some Helmold Bending dies and items are shown below.





Plastic Mallets for Die Cutting Industry

We supply heavy duty Mallets made from durable reinforced plastic material.

We manufacture 2 sizes, a large 80mm diameter mallet and a small 50mm diameter mallet.


Aligning Brackets for rotary die forms

We manufacture aligning brackets.

These brackets are made from steel and zinc plated, which fit together well and don't rust.

Perfect for joining die boards together.

We sell our aligning brackets in cartons of 500 units. We can ship anywhere in Australia or overseas.




**All prices in Australian dollars**

**All Prices include GST**





Assorted Richards Bending Dies and Assessories


We sell complete sets or individual dies. Contact us and tell us what you need




Accesories, links, pins etc



The following picture shows a standard link (top)with our specially designed ergonomic link(below),

which when replaced with the standard link in a manual rule bending or rule cutting machine helps

to significantly reduce a workers hand soreness.



Matrix Cutters and Teflon Cutting Pads

We sell replaceable matrix cutters below (easy to replace just undo screws).



We also manufacture and sell complete pneumatic or manual matrix cutting

machines. Our speedex pneumatic matrix cutter is seen below with associated pneumatic foot petal.

As of December 2021 we now manufcature a improved design with solid cutter and die.

Matrix Cutting Widths - 6mm to 25mm wide! So will cut all matrix strips.

And our new Matrix Cutter solid punch and die will cut thru all metal backings!


The picture below is our old version without solid punch and die which is now unavailable.




Our machines enable you to cut mitered bevels as seen above.


Please note that all of our matrix cutters come with transparent safety covers.

Speedex Pnuematic Nicking Tool

This tool is great for cutting all types of steel cutting rule. Just add circular cutting disks and hold cutter over rule and press trigger. Enables you to slice through cutting rule while it is in plywood. Easy to use and easy to remove and replace cutting disks.


These pictures below are of our latest Nicking Tools as of 2018.

We now have some parts plated for improved appearance.


Cutting Dies and Punches



We manufacture, sell and service tooling used in the manufacture of form dies.

  • Steel rule benders
  • Steel rule Cutters, notches and lipers
  • Dies for "Helmond" and "Richards" benders and cutters
  • Custom made dies and punches to suit your business needs

We also provide sharpening services for worn dies and punches.

And can design and make improvements to any of your rule and general steel stamping and punching requirements.

We manufacture and sell Sandvik / Varo Model Type 53 - O - R type punches and dies



Keys for Die Cutting Machines



Martin Hoops for Rotary Die Cutting

Our hoops are durable, made from extruded aluminium not cast so they will not break and can be re-usable, light weight, and most of all reliable.

They are made to a high quality of bend.

We manufacture 3 sizes of rotary hoops, small (for 924 cylinder), medium(for 1228 cylinder) and large(for 1628 cylinder).



Rule Curving Machines for Rotary Die Cutting Forms

Features special purpose rollers with an "all-in-one" unique design which can bend all types of common rule.

Just select which groove to use and you have the perfect machine to suit all of your manual rule bending needs.


Curver features measuring scale to allow a user to make more efficient and repeatable curves.

Also features an ergonomic custom cnc machined top handle

Rollers designed to bend all the following:

4PT creasing rule

3PT center bevel rule

4PT serrated rule

4PT center bevel rule

4 x 8PT creasing rule





We pack the rule curving machine in a secure custom wooden box to be shipped to your address.



Zipper Notching Tooling

We have designed and developed custom tooling to cut rule to make a "zipper" like effect when the rule

is used to cut cardboard boxes, which need to tear apart along a zipper like path.

Some examples of the finished zipper rule look like as follows.


Die Board Repair Clamp

We manufacture special purpose repair clamps which can be used on flat and rotary die boards.



Rule Dispensing Magazines


We Manufacture special die board trolleys that have hand brakes for safety and are very maneuverable. They are manufactured to be lowered extremely low and be very compact, and can handle jumbo sized die boards.



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