Modern Bonnet Louvers 130-150 Tapered Steel (1 Pair) Plain No Mounting Holes

Product Code: MOD LOUVER 150 T-SP
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Price: $195.00
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Our Modern Bonnet Louvers 130-150 Tapered, are approximately 53cm in overall length. They are approximately 20cm at widest end and 18cm at narrowest end.

There are 7 rows of 15 wide x 130mm long louvers, followed by 7 rows of 15 wide x 140mm long  louvers and then 6 rows of 15 wide x 150mm long louvers.

The louvers are angled and also on an increasing taper or v shape, giving bonnet a unique cool look.

These particular louver panels are in 1mm thick steel and come without mounting holes, so no holes around perimeter. So if you wish to weld in it will be more suitable. But we also sell with mounting holes so you can rivet on.


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