Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Auto & Vent Louvres

Auto & Vent Louvres

Dear Customers, the owners of Speedex Engineering are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

Our entire SPEEDEX LOUVRE VENT product line has been bought by a new owner who will take over all local manufacturing in Mid July 2024.

Between Mid June to Mid July 2024 we will only be taking very limited vent orders until the new owner takes over our vent business fully.

We apologise that online ordering of speedex products has been temporarily unavailable until new owner takes over in mid July 2024.

There will be a new website and a new email address which we will redirect customers to in Mid July 2024.

All our vent products will still available but for the next month of June to July 2024 we are just completing very limited orders.

We manufacture all types of Louvres for all types of cars and any other ventilation purpose to specifically to suit a customers request.

We also have a small range of "Stock Louvres" which we are hoping to increase range and these can be purchased from our online shopping cart, by phone or email etc. 

Our Stock Louvres can be used for automotive purposes or for other ventilation purposes.

All louvres are high quality and look terrific. We have great response from customers about our car louvres.

Our louvres can be used for automotive purposes for cooling engines or other ventilation purposes, such as food vans, caravans, cooling of industrial equipment and truck trailers etc.

We manufacture louvres from a range of metals such as aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, colourbond, galvanised steel and zincalume steel.

We make double sided and single sided louvres, louvers which face forwards and backwards on the same panel and also triangular shaped louvers.

We manufacture different styles of curved profiles and can manufacture louvers with different opening distances.

Our louvers will suit motoring enthusiasts who are restoring antique cars and want them to look their best and also people wanting modern car bonnets where louvres can improve a cars appearance and cooling.

We work in conjunction with supplying many car restoration businesses with our automotive louvers.

We now have capacity to press very wide louvre panels up to 2 meters wide maximum width and any reasonable length. We also have the capacity to press louvres into whole existing bonnet panels.

Our standard louvre size is 15mm wide which is most common size. But we offer a range of louvre widths, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25mm wide & 30mm wide. Louvre Lengths up to 515mm long

Common Louvre thicknesses in 1mm thick steel or 1.5mm aluminium.

We can do any spacing of louvers as long as there is at least about 25mm to 50mm gap between rows (we can make narrower gaps but depends on job etc..but there should 25mm minimum gap so doesnt interfer with tooling).

And we normally need about 20mm minimum material around outside or sides of the louvers themselves.

Larger lengths (greater than 500mm) available on request. We offer various louver styles.

Stock & Custom Louvre Panels 

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