We now manufacture Inspection Hatches with Louvred Removeable Doors.

We make different custom sizes and different materials, zincalume, GAL, Stainless, Aluminium.

We may offer in colorbond steel as well soon.

The example shown below has a 355mm wide x 250mm high outer frame.

This Inspection Hatch is to fit inside a rectangular hole slightly wider than 355mm wide x 250mm high etc.

Our Inspection Hatches are 50mm deep, or have a 50mm wide frame all around.

The doors are folded and held in place with screws.

The doors have ember mesh on the inside of panels.

The Inspection Hatches can be fixed in place with adhesive around frame or screwed in from inside to a wall or frame.

The Inspection Hatches below are in Stainless Steel 355 x 250 outside frame dimensions:


The Inspection Hatches below are in Zincalume





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