We now manufacture and supply Perforated Brick Vents.

Currently available in two materials - 

Mild steel or Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is dearer than mild steel.

If using mild steel - then brick vents should be powder coated or painted afterwards.

The following pictures show examples of our Perforated Brick Vents which measure -  235mm wide x 235mm high, folded and with side tabs.

Material = Mild Steel

The reason for this size was for a particular customers request to match his particular brick wall, but we can also supply the following standard brick vent sizes:

230mm wide x 75mm high - suits single brick opening.

230mm wide x 165mm high  - suits double brick high opening.

230mm wide x 255mm high - suits three brick high opening.

235mm wide x 235mm high - as shown in pictures - suits custom size requests etc.

Please note that the brick wall below is not the actual customers wall, but shows how the perforated brick vents are to be used.

Please write to us at with your size request.


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