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Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


We now manufacture a range of Max FLow Vents in Stainless Steel as seen in the pictures above.

These Max Flow Vents, will be suited to applications where maximum airflow is required.

Applications include Commercial & Industrial airconditoning and ventilation systems - for heat extraction from generators and industrial ventilation and ducting systems.

Example Above


The Max Flow Vent shown in the pictures above is 700mm wide x 700mm high x 50mm deep.

The frame is slightly less than 700 x 700 so it will fit inside a 700mm x 700mm cavity or opening.

Max Flow Vent Sizes

Up to 1200mm wide x 1200mm high approximately.

Frame Depths

50mm as this depth seems to be most suitable for most applications.


Available in Stainless Steel or GAL.


The front face is designed to have an additional 25mm lip which goes around vent perimeter so it seals against front face without any gaps showing around your cavity.

So on our example Max Flow Vent 700x700 shown above, the frames external dimensions are 750mm wide x 750mm high overall dimensions.


Max Flow Vents allow airflow between 60 -80 percent plus airflow per area.

Good for industrial ventilation purposes.

Louvre Styles

Max Flow Vents currently come in two different louvre styles -

1.Single Angle (single angular slope) Shape = 80 percent airflow / given area aproximately

This is a single sloped design so louvres are simply on a single angle down vent with bent top and bottom lip with overbend at top to prevent water splashing over top

(We also can do Double Angle (Inverted-V) Shape = 60 percent airflow per area approximately, but we are concentrating on a range single angular slope shapes for now)


Max Flow Vents can be mounted internally and also externally from front face or a combination of both.

We do not provide fixing holes currently. But depending on your job you can


Stainless Steel, Gal,

Stainless looks better than GAL, and we will post more examples once we have a chance to.

Max Flow Vents are designed so you cannot look thru to the other side, for privacy purposes and also to hide unwated internal areas from the front.

Vertical Ribs

Larger Vents may have additional vertical support ribs for extra rigidity.


When ordering or quoting a Max Flow Vent we need to know the size of the wall cavity opening - Width x Height etc.

And material required.

50mm deep Max Flow Vents require a cavity or wall thickness to be 50mm deep minimum.

$500 + gst ea



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