We are soon to bring out (as of 2023) a range of Max Flow Vents, in Stainless Steel, GAL & Colorbond which will be suited to application where maximum airflow is required.

Applications include Commercial & Industrial airconditoning and ventilation systems - for heat extraction from generators and industrial ventilation and ducting systems.


Frame Depths

We are currently offering TWO Max Flow Frame Width Sizes, 90mm & 50mm.

1. The 90mm Frame Width has 65mm deep louvres.


2. The 50mm Frame Width - Has 32mm deep louvres.


The example below shows a sample Max Flow Vent 300x300x90 that will fit inside a 300mm wide x 300mm high wall cavity with a depth of 90mm.



The front face is designed to have an additional 25mm lip which goes around vent perimeter so it seals against front face without any gaps showing.

So on our example Max Flow Vent 300x300 shown below, the frames external dimensions are 300mm wide x 300mm high.

The front face has an extra 25mm all around - so the front face actually measures 350 x 350 around outside.



Max Flow Vents allow airflow between 60 - 80 percent airflow per area depending on louvre style chosen.

Good for industrial ventilation purposes.


Louvre Styles

Max Flow Vents come in two different louvre styles -

1. Double Angle (Inverted-V) Shape = 60 percent airflow per area approximately


2.Single Angle (single angular slope) Shape = 80 percent airflow / given area aproximately


The example shown below is Double Angle or inverted (up side down) "V" shape.

We also make a single sloped design so louvres are simply on a single angle down vent.

More example photos and drawings will be added soon! (2023)



Max Flow Vents can be mounted internally (so you dont see mounting screws) and also externally from front face. Or a combination of both.

Internal Holes will be provided for internal mounting but no holes will be made on the front face incase you dont want to see mounting holes on face etc.



Stainless Steel, Gal, & Colorbond

The sample Max Flow Vent shown below is made out of GAL. Stainless will look better and we will post more examples once we have another sample.


Max Flow Vents are designed so you cannot look thru to the other side, for privacy purposes and also to hide unwated internal areas from the front.


Vent Sizes

Max Flow Vents can be made any size - any width and height within reason.

Greater than 3 meters wide etc can be achieved.

Yes we make custom sizes.


Vertical Ribs

Larger Vents above say 1 meter wide will have additional vertical support ribs for extra rigidity.

The vent below is only an example.



When ordering or quoting a Max Flow Vent we need to know the size of the wall cavity opening- Width x Height etc.

And material required.

Please note that 90mm deep Max Flow Vents require a cavity or wall thickness to be 90mm deep minimum.

50mm deep Max Flow Vents require a cavity or wall thickness to be 50mm deep minimum.



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