Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


We manufacture and supply Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Bonnet Louvres as shown.

Each pair has a Right Hand and Left Hand louvre panel which is tapered with rivets holes provided.

Material 1mm mild steel.

Left Hand Panel is shorter while Right hand panel is longer - For Australian vehicles - We call this product Normal or Standard Orientation.

American vehicles may require opposite or reverse so that Left hand Panel is longer and Right hand panel is shorter etc - We call this product Reversed Orientation.

Best to check your vehicle first. We can make both types Australian left hand drivers side and USA right hand side panels.

We now manufcature and sell Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Louvres in Normal Orientation and also in Reversed Orientation.

Please see picture below for both orientations.

In the picture below,  The first Pair on the Left is the "Normal" Orientation and the second pair on the Right is the "Reversed" Orientation.

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