Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


We now manufacture and supply Caravan Sealable Vents. These Caravan Sealable Vents are a must have item for anyone who is serious about caravaning and wanting a method to prevent dust and dirt from offroading and unsealed roads in particular from entering inside refrigeration heat extraction vents.

The Caravan Sealable Vents shown below are 510mm Wide x 205mm High and made from aluminium.

They have been uniquely designed to be fitted on the outside of a caravan duct in a reversed orientation, by this we mean the protruding louvred section is placed inside the body / walls of a caravan so that the outside surface is smooth or flat, so that a removable cover can be screwed on the outside. The removable cover has a rubberised perimeter underneath which when screwed onto the louvred panel it fors a perfect seal against dust when driving your caravan around on unsealed roads etc which totally clog your ducts needed for refirgeration heat extraction. So keeps your inner workings clean and dust and dirt free. And lao preventing any water entering when sealed.

Covers can be easily removed when you are stationary or when driving on sealed roads etc.

This is a unique product which is very useful if you have a caravan.  

The Caravan Sealable Vents current standard size is 510mm x 205mm and available on our website online shopping cart.

If you require a different size yes it can be modified upon request, and you can write to us speedex@speedex.com.au for different size requirements.

There are pre-drilled holes around perimeter for riveting the Caravan Seable Vents onto your caravan body over an existing ventilation duct.  

Price = $247.50 ea includes all screws and rubberised cover


*All prices are in Australian dollars



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