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Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


These louvred panels have a contant taper using a new manufacturing method we have developed.

If you can see closely that the taper is very gradual, and constantly increasing by exact amount and looks very good in appearance.

The louvres in this picture are using our special 12.7mm wide tapered louvres. The pitch is 25mm. There are 44 louvres in total. Overal panel size is 1200mm long x 600mm wide.

There are two rows of louvres pressed in one above the other and at different angles, so at the narrowest end the louvres are closer together than at the other side.

At the narrowest end the louvres are 60mm long and widest end they are 125mm long.

The following Tapered Louvre Panel example is from another customer - not sure what car model it is for (but will update soon as I know)

Louvre size 1/2 " or 12.7mm wide x varying lengths in 1mm increments with panels having continuous tapered louvre from small end of 50mm approx up to 150mm at larger end.

We can make tapered louvres in 12.7mm wide from 50mm up to maximum length of 250mm if required and for your reference.

This time material is 1.6mm aluminium.

Pitch or spacing between louvres is 22mm.

Overall panel size 920mm long x 520mm high with 100mm margin between bottom edge and tapered louvres.








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