STAINLESS STEEL LOUVRES 290X500, 330X550, 250x1500

The following are numerous louvre panels that we manufactured in stainless steel which measure 290mm wide x 500mm long with 15mm wide x 230mm long individual louvres pressed in them. And the smaller panels measure 290mm wide  x 250mm high.

We also make 290mm wide x 500mm high louvre panels in aluminium, please see pictures below:


We also make otherstainless louvres. The following louvre vent measures 330mm wide x 550mm high. With rounded corners.

The following stainless steel louvre vents measure 250mm wide x 1500mm long with two rows of 15mm wide x 70mm long individual louvres down full length.

These louvres are intended for an automotive bonnet purpose.


The following louvre panels are 1000 x 1360 in 1.5mm stainless steel

The following panel is 885x1300 long in 1.5mm stainless steel with 4 rows.


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