Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


The following louvre panels are placed on bonnets such as Toyota to allow cooling of engine.

After suitable holes in bonnets are cut out - 250mm-300mm wide  x 100 high approximate size rectangular holes. These inserts panels which are larger than the hole or 350mm wide x 150mm overal panel size - are then to be placed from underneath to fill the holes, with louver openings facing towards windshield. The panels are to be riveted in place using standard 1/8th inch rivets (3.175mm)- so you drill a 3.3mm diameter rivet hole.

The sizes of these panels as mentioned is 350 x 150. The size of louvers themselves are 15mm wide x 250mm long.

Material 1.5mm aluminium.


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