We manufacture and supply standard EMBER VENTS in a couple different standrad sizes that can be used for residential homes or commercial ventilation purposes. They provide protection against burning embers from bushfires.

These photos below show our EMBER VENTS which are 470mm wide x 220mm high and have 19mm wide x 400mm long individual louvres pressed in a single row down each panel -

The new product code is : "EMBERV470X220SS".

Other standard bushfIre panels will be added in near future. 

Material is all Stainless Steel

These panels below show with mounting holes drilled around perimeter. We supply with or with mounting holes. Standrad panels come without mounting holes.

All EMBER VENTS come with stainless steel bushfire rated mesh, spot welded to the rear of each panel.

Installation Instructions - these panels are designed to be of suitable size to fit over 2 standard bricks (hole sizes - hole size taken as if two bricks are stacked directly on top of each other when removed (picture to be added here soon).

Our EMBER VENTS can then be fixed in placed using masonry type screws around panel to fix to brick walls.  

We now manufacture a larger size that are 460mm wide x 360mm high. (We can also make 470mm wide). Please see below.

AIRFLOW: 200cm2

**All prices in Australian dollars**

The Ember Vent shown below is 460mm wide x 360mm high in Stainless Steel with mounting holes and feathered edges.

$65.00 ea incl gst
**All prices in Australian dollars**



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