Ripple Strip

Ripple Strip

We now manufacture and supply Ripple Strip pieces for sealing Corrugated Roofing Perimeters against hot burning embers, insects / vermin & wind or rain.

Good for sealing roof entry points against attack from fire!

Standard Length = 400mm long pieces.

Overall Height = 80mm.

Ripple Strip is pre-bent to fit standard Australian roof pitch angles of 25 degrees. (Standard angle can be altered if requested by customer).

Ripple Strip is cut with corrugated pattern to fit neatly to the underneath or sides of standard colourbond corrugated roof sheets.

Ripple strip can be overlapped to seal properly.

As a guide three ripples strips overlapping each other will measure 97cm in length approx.

So three ripples strips required for every metre aproximately if overlapping one corrugation at a time etc.

Can be trimmed onsite with tin snips to suit exact roof length.

Ripple Strip is to be fixed to sides of walls or fascia boards with self tappers.

You can then apply silicone sealants to seal around corrugated profle between ripple strip and roofing sheets.

Ripple Strip comes in any colourbond colour that is commonly available from our suppliers.

When ordering please tell us what colourbond colour you require.

Online Product coming soon to early 2022!

Available in packs.

If interested please write to us at


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