Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.


We have pressed in 4 rows of 15mm wide x 150mm long louvers pressed directly into an existing jaguar MK2 Bonnet shown in pictures below.

For customers wishing to press louvers into their existing bonnets we can do for you so please email us speedex@speedex.com.au and let us know what you would like.

Please note, in this case we had to remove paint off top panel and also the sound proffing tar underneath panel in order to be able to successfully press louvers

into the existing bonnet - as the paint was quite thick. Even though sometimes we can press louvers directly into existing painted panels if the paint is thin, we now as a rule prefer

to remove paint or any surface coating on the top and bottom of just the area we are pressing (prior to pressing) in order to prevent any issues with pressing, as unlike sheet metal great care is required to

do correctly first time without unforeseen issues. Also please note that existing paint in the immediate vacinity of pressing louvers will tend to crack as it is bent to shape, so you will have to re- paint panels after pressing.

Also we have to inspect the curvature of the bonnet and also if there is any ribbing underneath the bonnet so we can arrange louvers best we can with space available. If curvature is very great, depending

on orientation of louvers a shorter louver may be preferable, so we dont sqaush or deform panel when pressing louvers in them.  



This is the finished product that our customer Charles Warhurst has proudly showed us of his MK2 Jaguar which turned out great example of what can be achieved and help

cool the engine, when you have a big motor under the hood.

This is another customers Jaguar bonnet but with 25mm wide louvres which are also tapered. Various lengths, shortest louvre length is 130 and and the longest louvre length 270 long.


We also now sell Jaguar MK2 Tapered Bonnet Louvred Steel Panel Inserts - size 370mm wide x 475mm high - 1 pair.

Please see below:

Another example is shown below of Louvres pressed into an Existing Jaguar MK2 bonnet.

The louvres are 15mm wide x 150mm long.

There are 4 rows in total. The two centre rows are longer comprising of 24 individual louvres, whilst outer rows have only 9 individual louvres.

Another example below:

The pictures below are 1/2 inch louvres which we pressed into a Bedford Bonnet - side panels.

Please note that the louvre lengths were made to exactly match the contour of the bonnet rounded profile side.


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