E-TYPE Jag Folded Bonnet Louvers

This E-TYPE Jag Folded Bonnet Louver panels shown above has 10mm high folds. We also manufacture and supply E-TYPE Jag Bonnet panels 20mm high folds shown below.



We manufacture E-Type Jaguar Folded Bonnet Louvers.

The overall size of the folded louver panels is 25.5cm wide x 38cm long.

The louvers are 8.5inch wide and pressed in a special Jaguar styled squarish and angled louver shape.

There are 14 louver vents per panel.

We now sell E-type Jaguar Folded Bonnet Louver panels in 2 different fold heights- 10mm and 20mm. So the folded rim is either 10 or 20mm high due to customer request for both versions.



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