E-TYPE Jag Bonnet Louvers - Flat

We manufacture and stock E-TYPE Jag Bonnet Louvers as flat panels such as these and also as folded panels.

These louvers are designed to suit E- type Jag cars and can be used for restoration purposes or to help remove excess heat from the engine to increase performance and prevent breakdowns.

The louver shape is made to suit identically to the existing E-Type Jaguar cars.

The picture below shows our "Aluminium" E-Type Jag Louvers.

Some more Aluminium E-Type Jag Louvres flat, 300mm wide x 500mm long - this time with 15 slits - (2021) as seen below:

The Picture below shows our "Steel" E-Type Jag Louvers

Our E - Type Jag Louvers Specifications are as follows:

Overall Individual Panel Size = 500mm x 300mm.

Louver Size = 220mm wide louvers.

Number of Louvers = 14 Louvers / Panel

Louver Material = Aluminium (1.6mm thick, so very strong and not flimsy) or 1mm Steel.

Louver Style = Square /Rectangular - 90 degree corners.

Louver Weight per pair = 1.3 kg approx.

(Shipping dimensions and weights = 51cm x 31cm x 3cm approx.  Wgt = 2.5kg approx).

**All prices in Australian dollars**

**All Prices include GST**

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