Frenchmen Knives


We also manufacture Frenchmen Knives and Double Frenchmen Knives.

Please see below for picture of our new Frenchmen blade design based on advice from a former well known and respected Irish tuckpointing teacher. 

As of early 2020 - After advice from other tuckpointers recently we will be again manufacturing our old design which was based on a narrower side angles or sharper V-point so you can drag the Frenchmen at bigger angles.

We hope to have this other Frenchmen Knife available as soon as possible and is currently being manufactured.

We do apologise for changing the design - we will post photos and give our customers an update to when this Frenchmen will be available again.




Double Frenchmen Knife

We also manufacture a double frenchmen knife that can cut tuckpointed top and bottom lime putty left over waste in one go. They are adjustable to suit any size tuckpointed line. We will have more pictures coming soon of our new double frenchmen based on our improved knife blade as seen in pictures above.

These pictures below are of our new design double frenchmen as of 2018. We now have in stock.



**all prices in australian dollars**




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