Speedex Engineering is closing down

Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Tuckpointing Tools

Tuckpointing Tools


Dear customers, the owners are retiring after a successful 45 years in business.

We will not be taking any new orders after the 30th April 2024.

Tuckpointing Tools and Tuckpointing Supplies

Speedex manufactures Tuckpointing Tools of the highest quality and largest range available worldwide. All of our Speedex Tuckpointing Tools are manufactured from special wear resistant tool steel, and are fully hardened and ground sharp to ensure a perfect edge and long tool life. We have been supplying professional tradesmen worldwide for over three decades with tuckpointing tools, aswell as hobbyists and those interested in learning this unique trade.

We call our tools "tuckpointing tools", but these tools are also known by various other names around the world such as tuckpointing irons, irons, brick irons, repointers, jointers and brick trowels. They are all used for brick restoration purposes in order to make white or coloured tuckpointed lime putty lines between the brickwork of heritage homes around the world. These tuckpointed lines enable contrast or symetry or both between the brickwork or stone therfore enhancing the beauty, value and old charm to heritage homes around the world and thus is a very sort after trade.


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Our Standard Tuckpointing Tools are shown below. Our Standard Tuckpointing Tools have a flat base which is ground to a sharp finish and made from hardened quality tools steel so that they will last.

As you can see below our Standard Tuckpointing Tools come in a wide variety of widths to suit any particular requirement that you have.

Available in 2 standard lengths 75mm long and 125mm long and from as little as 1mm wide for very fine tuckpointing and to up to 14mm wide for wider stonework or for wider brick joints. 


Our Round Beaded Tuckpointing Tools are shown below. They are used to leave behind a raised "rounded" bead on the tuckpointed lines.

Our Round Beaded Tuckpointing Tools are available in 2 standard lengths, 75mm and 125mm long and also in a wide variety of widths.

We also can make deeper rounded beaded tools (not shown here).

Our Square Beaded Tuckpointing Tools shown below. They are used to leave behind a raised "square" bead on the tuckpointed lime putty lines.

They are available in 2 standard lengths 75mm and 125mm long and also a wide variety of square widths.

Please note that when you select a "beaded" size we are refering to the width of the round or square "bead or groove" not the overall width of the tuckpointing tools which is made slightly wider. 

Our Stubnose and Longnose Tuckpointing Tools are shown below.

They are used in areas which are difficult to reach or get to such around door jams and around window sills, paraphets and any hard to reach ornate brickwork.

We have recently brought out the "Longnose" for those wishing to have additional reach, but you can decide which tool is most suitable for your requirement.

Our Stone Tuckpointing Tools are shown below. They have deeper square beads or grooves.

These Stone Tuckpointing tools have beads that are approximately 12mm wide by 5mm deep, which are slightly tapered to allow lime putty to slide out easier.

We manufacture them in two standard lengths 75mm long and 125mm long. We can manufacture them in various depths depending on our customer requests.

We have placed the tuckpointing tools in a different category under Stone Tuckpointing Tools rather than under square beaded or round beaded tuckpoining tools because the groove depth is deeper (3mm, 4mm or 5mm generally).

We also manuafature deeper round beaded stone tools which we will put on website as soon as we have a picture.

We supply Ready-Mix Lime Putty in both 4L and 10L buckets shown below.

If you want convenience and no mess, then you can start tuckpointing straight away as soon as you open the Ready-Mix bucket.

Our Ready-Mix Lime Putty is made to the authentic heritage traditional lime putty mix dating back well over 100 years, so it is perfect for all heritage restorations.

This is the mix that is used by professionals worldwide since the eighteenth century to ensure that the tuckpointing is done right.

It does not contain any plastisizers or any harmful additives which may damage the breathability of the underlying brick or stone wall.

Experts recommend using authentic lime putty as moisture is free to permeate through a wall as with any primary lime based building material, and therefore the tuckpointed lines will not have a tendency to crack of unintentionally early and will enable a home to be repointed successfully well into the future.

Please click on our Ready-Mix Lime Putty page for more information and tips on using lime putty.    

We manufacture and supply Frenchmen knives and Double Frenchmen Knives, used to "cut" the tuckpointed lines with the aid of a tuckpointer's straight edge:

We now have a new frenchmen blade design.

We manufacture and supply Hawk Tools, which are used to place mortar or lime putty on top prior to application to a mortar joint / tuckpointed joint:

We manufacture and supply Tuckpointer's Straight Edges available in 3 standard lengths:

350mm, 650mm and 850mm long.

We manufacture and supply Caulking Trowels shown below, for applying / pressing in mortar into holes or cracks in the brick face prior to tuckpointing:

We also manufacture Raking Tools, available in 10mm and 12mm diameter and also Square or Flat bottomed. Others available on request.

These tools can be used by bricklayers / tradepeople to rake rounded grooves into conventional brick joints.


We also manufacture Rounded Corner Tuckpointing Tools, which can be used to tuckpoint around rounded shaped bricks.

A variety of styles and sizes are available upon your particular request.

For more information on each of these products please go to top of this page and click the individual product links. We now have an online shopping cart so you can select products you want and order them more conveniently.  

We manufacture and supply the following Tuckpointing Tools and Supplies: (an updated version is shown on the following link)



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***A printer friendly version of our products list will be also available soon***

**The above products chart is currently being updated, please click on the separate page for the updated version.

Note: When ordering directly to our contact email address speedex@speedex.com.au please write down the item code on the left hand side with quantities and we can then process your order manually via email. Otherwise please use our new automatic online shopping cart to place an order and follow the simple online instructions to enter in your full delivery address with post codes (very important) and then enter your payment details.

Please note to make online ordering easier and quicker for you via our shoppping cart you can simply order as a "Guest" (by clicking on Guest when prompted using our shopping cart instructions) to save you from having to register an account and password etc with us.  

Online Shopping Cart

We now have an Online Shopping Cart to provide greater convenience for all our customers who which to purchase online via Paypal. We hope to also offer other non-Paypal payments soon so you can still pay online using your credit card but directly to our Bank rather than via Paypal (service coming soon).

How to use our Online Shopping Cart?

To help you with using our online shopping cart, please click here for instructions: How to use our Online Shopping Cart?

We accept all credit cards (visa, mastercard and Amex-american express), over the phone and in person. Only our online shopping cart via Paypal will accept  debit cards and all credit cards aswell.

Our shopping cart automatically calculates shipping prices depending on your shipping destination and the type of service you select. But if in doubt please feel welcome to write to us, as we are still configuring our online store to run correctly.

**PLEASE NOTE: the maximum weight per parcel for Australia Post is 22kg and for DHL Express is 30kg per parcel weight. If our shopping cart does not give you an automatic shipping price (or gives you only option as "pick up from store" without any other shipping option) then dont worry your order may be over these weights, in which case please write to us directly and we will manually calculate shipping price for you. We are currently working on fixing this problem for larger orders so that orders can be automatically split into separate parcels and automatic shipping prices calculated using our online shopping cart. But we can ship any weight order anywher in the world using a variety of methods.

**please note we are in process of adding a SPLIT ORDER option so you can buy more than 22kg for Australia Post and more than 30 kg using DHL. So if shipping doesnt appear it is because the weight has been exceeded. Just write to us at speedex@speedex.com.au and we can manually work it out till split order is completed.




You can choose to have your order sent by Australia Post online or DHL but we also deliver parcels by other door-door courier.

We also send local items in Melbourne by Couriers Please. And we also now starting to send parcels via Startrack couriers Australia wide.

THERE IS NO SAME DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE!! Unless you pick up from us directly at our factory. All couriers deliver the next day as standard procedure including Australia Post, and Couriers Please and Startrack regarding if they pickup up parcel from us that day. By next day means next day after we recieve an order in our system, if you place an order at night or evening and we miss the afternoon post office drop off - we can only send in the next afternoon post office drop off using Australia Post. For example: if you order say on Monday night or late monday afternoon or evening we will wait till following day or Tuesday afternoon to do an afternoon post office drop off.  

All normal Australia Post items and express post parcels are only processed by Australia Post after 6pm each day when parcels are collected from any Australia Post Office.

Even if we recieve an order in the morning and deliver 10 minutes later to any post office, the goods will remain till 6pm at the any Australian post office unitl they are collected and sorted. 

We cannot give exact delivery times by Couriers Please as the drivers deliver parcels according to their unique daily schedule which is any time that particular day. 


Local customers delivery : for local customers (within Australia) if your order is up to 3kg and fits inside an Express Satchel safely then we will usually send your order in an Express Satchel (either 500g or 3kg satchel) which is usually delivered the next business day if you are within the right local australian postal zones, basically if you around a capital city then delivery is next day (or say 1-2days from payment). If you fall outside the main capital city zones then delivery by express satchel may take longer (say approx 3 days from payment). For larger orders or orders better suited to be packed in a box, then we generally post them using parcel post (via Australia post). Tracking is provided using Parcel Post and we can use your Ausralia Post receipt ID number to track your parcel online, but thye dont send automatic tracking notifications to your contact email address, we can do this manually via their online website. We do not include insurance as default (to keep shipping costs lowest) however you can either select this via the shopping cart or let us know and we can include this. Australia post is usually pretty good with orders.We can also deliver parcels via Couriers Please (metropolitan areas and limited country areas) and Hunter Express for heavier/larger orders (say pallets) etc) but you must write to us for these services.

We also deliver by DHL EXPRESS for local orders within Australia as well for fast door-door service.

****Please note anything that does not fit inside an express post satchel and into a mail box standard slot opening cannot be sent Next Day Delivery. The next fastest method besides Regular Parcel Post is Express Parcel Post which will be 2-3 days . So if you order lime putty or straight edges which can only be shipped in a box or postal tubes then they will not be sent next day delivery even if our shopping cart says next day delivery as unfortunately the online shopping cart bases on weight not size as it thinks all our products will fit inside express post satchels when infact this is not always possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

International customers delivery: for international customers (outside Australia) you can now choose your delivery from


  • DHL Express Worldwide
  • Registered Post International

Airmail: delivery time 3-10 business days, least expensive method than courier. No Tracking provided. No Signature on delivery. Service via Australia Post

Registered Post International: delivery time 3-10 business days. Ideal for sending items less than 2kg. Signed delivery  at most destinations. Send to post office boxes, metro, rural and remote areas. Tracking provided by entering in receipt ID code into Australia post website tracking area.

DHL Express Worldwide: Fastest delivery times for anything urgent! DHL offers delivery times of usually within 3 business days to most worldwide destinations and full tracking is provided unlike the other services. So throughout UK ,USA, NZ, Ireland, France, Europe etc DHL will delivery 2-3 business days in general unless some very remote area. Full tracking is provided and provided we have your contact email address we can then get DHL to send automatic tracking notifications to your email address, so you can see where your parcel is at any time. Usually immediately after an order is booked in with DHL we will send you a confirmation email to say your order has been booked in and we give you your DHL tracking number. With our online shopping cart this will be done automatically but we may still send manual emails to you until we are confident our shopping cart and delivery system works properly.

For larger orders or orders with different packing dimensions it may be worthwhile to write to us directly so we can work out how best /cheapest shipping option for you.

We now also use other courier services such as Startrack via Pack and Send couriers and other international couriers such as FEDEX for HEAVY PARCELs such as from 7kg- 30kg each as our Lime Putty buckets are 7kg and 18kg respectively. . Smaller parcels under say 2 to 5 kg we use DHL as prices aren't too different for lighter parcels under say 5kg.

We pack our tools and send them via DHL or Australia Post in either plastic satchels (tuckpointing tools and other supplies), Post tubes (generally straight edges and combinations of straight edges and tuckpointing tools will fit together in postal tubes, or tubes taped strongly together for multiple straight edges or tools), and ofcourse an assortment of boxes etc for all types of tuckpointing products.

If  our shopping cart does not automatically work out most efficient delivery method (for example know if to use a post tube or satchel or box or combination of items etc or if to better go with australia post or DHL etc) you are welcome to write to us for shipping price confirmation if there is any doubt. We will write to you if a discrepancy has arisen, so we will ensure that the delivery cost is kept to a minimum. If an order is too heavy or over size then pallets can be provided or heavier grade boxes used etc.


FOR ALL Non Shopping Cart ORDERS: (local and international)

Besides buying from us directly at our business location or using our online shopping cart, we also accept Phone and Internet orders for all our products.

Please email us at speedex@speedex.com.au


phone us on: 03 9459 3460 (local customers) or 0061 3 9459 3460 (international customers, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, NZ, France, Europe, etc)

and please send us, tell us:

1.  Your full name

2.  Your full Delivery Address with post codes (so we can provide an accurate total price for postage/shipment of goods).

3. Description of what tools you require and quantity. You can list individual item product codes from our Product Range Chart above, or simply explain what you want in an email to us.

4. Contact phone number now required for delivery & tracking purposes so goods arrive to you correctly.

We will then reply with a Price Quotation/Invoice for total price including delivery. We prefer to recieve order emails sent from our customers as it prevents us from mispelling or making a mistake writing down email addresses & delivery addresses over the phone which prevents us from contacting you. But we also accept phone orders so please alternatively phone us (0061) 3 9459 3460 for orders or to make a credit card payment. 

Phone orders welcome

Payment: We NOW ACCEPT ALL CREDIT CARDS and DEBIT CARDS!. If paying over the phone then we accept CREDIT CARDS, but if you are paying in person we now accept all debit cards.

We also accept Paypal payments, cash, electronic bank transfer, international money transfers via bank branches.

International customers can also use "Paypal" to make payments, as it is safe and easy to use and automatically converts currency. How paypal payments work by the manual method is that we will firstly send you a price quote/invoice to your email address and then also email you a separately a "Request for Payment" via the Paypal website. You just have to follow the Paypal links and sign up (which is totally free!) by simply giving an email address and making up a password of your choice. Then you follow easy instructions and can fill in your credit card/bank details and then make a payment for our tuckpointing tools online. Paypal is safe and secure and third parties do not get access to your bank details.

Please click on How to use our Online Shopping Cart? if you cant work out how to use our online shopping cart.

So if you would like to purchase any of our products please call us, email us or use our online shopping cart and we would be happy to help!



Tuckpointing Videos:

Tuckpointing - Traditional English (compliments of Artisan Masonry -Antoni Pijaca - Master Tuckpointer)

For an excellent example of perfect tuckpointing can be seen here:



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We now manufacture Raking Tools which have a 10MM wide square or flat bottom that are 300mm long. ..


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