Heart Lung Machine

Speedex Engineering now manufactures Triple Clamps & Clamp Hooks used for Heart and Lung Machines for use in Hospitals.

The following Heart and Lung Machine Triple Clamps and Clamp Hooks are made from all Stainless Steel.

As their name suggests , the Triple Clamps allows three Clamp Hooks to be mounted in place to allow other auxillary medical monitoring equipment to be mounted on them.

The following parts were made for the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne.

Below is a Heart Lung Machine Triple Clamp with 3 Clamp Hooks Mounted.

The engraved "RCH" - stands for Royal Chidlrens Hospital.

The three stainless grubscrews on the bottom of the Triple Clamps are used to secure the Clamp Hooks in place as shown below.



Below is picture of Triple Clamp in closed position.

Below is a pictute of an individual Clamp Hook - all Stainless Steel.

The Triple Clamp is suited to be mounted onto an 1-1/4" diameter support bar that belongs to the Heart and Lung Machine Stand.

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