Steering Spline Adaptors

Steering Spline Adaptors

We manufacture custom steering spline adaptors.

This one is for a Morris car.


This is another example of a Steering Wheel Spline Adapter.

Please note the 1/4inch BSF holes to mount circular flange is not shown.

The following is an example of a Ford Customline Steering Wheel which had a splined adaptor placed inside so it could fit onto a new Holden Commodore steering column.

Not that the Ford Customline steering wheel was resplined to suit the spline adaptor, which also has an internal spline to suit the Holden steering column's splined shaft.

The following job is where we have re-splined an early Volkswagon steering hub to suit another model Steering Column-may possibly been off a later model Volkswagon.


The following job we made a spline adapter to fit a 1967 Porsche Steering wheel to a 1967 Volks Wagon Beetle Steering Column.

We touched up the Steering Column Spline aswell due to it not being a perfect spline.


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