We now manufacture vents that will fit over corrugated colorbond roofing and wall sheets.

The Corrugated Colourbond Vent shown in pictures below measures 415mm wide approx x 400mm high.

The vent has 300mm long individual louvers.

This vent will suit an opening made in the colourbond curraged material of 300mm wide x 300mm high square or 300mm Diameter approximately.

Our Corrugated Colourbond Vents are made so that they can be screwed onto the underlying corrugatred material on the high ridge points / crests with self tapers etc.

And the vents are wide enogh to have a little overlap to prevent water from entering the hole.

After fixing in place the vents can be siliconed in at top and bottom and sides to prevent water entry.

The Corrugated Colourbond Vent shown below is colour green but any other Colourbond colour can be supplied.

Also the Corrugated Colourbond Vents shown below have 90 degreee folded corrugated shape lip at top and bottom.

All future vents will have 45degree bends at top and botom to allow for water to better flow away.



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