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We manufacture all types of Louvers (or "Louvres") for all types of cars and specially to suit a customers request, plus due to customer feedback we are soon to release a range of "Stock Louvers" which can be purchased from our online shopping cart, by phone or email etc (COMING VERY SOON!).

These Stock Louvers can be used for automotive purposes or for other ventilation purposes, such as cooling food vans, caravans, truck trailers or industrial equipment etc. So our louvers can also be used for other general purpose ventilation.

All louvers are high quality and look terrific. We have great response from customers about our car louvers.

Our louvers can be used for automotive purposes for cooling engines or other ventilation purposes, such as food vans, caravans, cooling of industrial equipment and truck trailers etc.

We manufacture louvers from a range of metals such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

We make double sided louvers and single sided louvers, louvers which face forwards and backwards on the same panel and also triangular shaped louvers.

We manufacture different styles of curved profiles and can manufacture louvers with different opening distances.

Our louvers will suit motoring enthusiasts who are restoring antique cars and want them to look their best and also people wanting modern car bonnets where louvers can improve a cars appearance.

We work in conjunction with supplying many car restoration businesses with our automotive louvers.

We now have capacity to press very wide louver panels up to 2 meters wide and any reasonable length which is now available  And we now have the capacity to press whole existing bonnet panels.

We currently offer individual louver widths up to 400mm wide and in 1mm and 1.5mm thick steel (overall panel widths can now by up to 2 meters wide). We can do any spacing of louvers as long as there is at least about 25mm to 50mm gap between rows (we can make narrower gaps but depends on job etc..but there should 25mm minimum gap so doesnt interfer with tooling). And we normally need about 20mm minimum material around outside or sides of the louvers themselves. Larger widths (greater than 400mm indiv louvers) available on request. We offer various louver styles which we will be showing customers on website soon

Stock & Custom Louvers 

Please click on headings below for more info:


(Please note the prices for our stock louvres are for production louvres. Special custom made, one off or prototype louvres which require custom tooling and design work will have varied very reasonable prices to suit, depending on numbers and complexity)

****Also NOTE that some ordered louvres may be too big to fit inside next day express post satchels so please allow 3-4 days delivery time by Parcel Post.


Speedex Louvre General Terminology

We decided to draw a simple picture above to show customers what our Speedex General Louver Terminology is when describing or specifying a particular louver requirement to us.

LENGTH = Length of an individual louvre opening

WIDTH = width of each individual louvre

DEPTH = Depth or opening height of each individual louvre

PITCH = Spacing between each individual louvres

MARGIN = distance between side of a louvre to perimeter of panel itself. And also between rows of adjacent louvres side by side etc.


We have recently decided to standardise louver lengths for particular widths or styles of louvers we can supply, for example our 15mm wide standard louvers range in 10mm increments from 50mm through to 300mm lengths. Other Louver styles or widths range in lengths of 50mm etc.

Available Speedex Louvre Shapes & Sizes (currently being updated!! More louver styles and info coming soon!)

We have recently decided to standardise our louver lengths for particular styles or widths of louvers that we supply. For example our 15mm wide standard louvers will range from 50mm through to 300mm lengths in 10mm increments. Other louver styles will also have several common available lengths.

We manufacture a range of standard, stock and custom louver styles and sizes. 

Please note, we are tool makers and can make any custom louver length as this will require additional tooling and may incure additional costs if non-standard lengths available on the shelf. So we would like to offer a range of common lengths in different styles which should be able to satisfy most of our customer requirements with off the shelf tooling.



This is our most common louver style, which is 15mm wide which we call our "Standard Louver Style"

Available Lengths:

We offer the following lengths in the 15mm wide Standard Louver Style or basically from 50mm through to 300mm long louvers going up in 10mm increments;

- 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300mm lengths are available in this style.


Standard 15mm wide louvers have a depth or opening height of 5.5mm.

Minimum Pitch

The minimum Pitch or minimum spacing between individual louvers in the 15mm high standard style is 22mm, so they cannot be spaced less than 22mm, but can be spaced any pitch greater or equal to 22, so 23mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm etc pitch is perfectly fine. 



26mm wide

Available Lengths:

We offer the following lengths in the 26mm wide Louver Style or basically from 50mm through to 400mm, going up in 50mm increments;

- 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400mm lengths.


26mm wide louvers have a depth or opening height of 12mm.

Minimum Pitch

The minimum Pitch or minimum spacing between individual louvers in the 26mm high style is 36mm, so they cannot be spaced less than 36mm, but can be spaced any pitch equal or greater to 36mm.


MORE LOUVRE SIZES TO BE UPDATED SOON!!! 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 30mm wide and more available.




Can panels have different louver lengths?

Yes, as long as a customer gives us a drawing or describes in an email or phone what they require we can supply louver panels with different lengths on each panel

Can Pitch between individual louvers be equal or different spacing?

As long as the spacing is equal or greater than the minimum pitch allowable for each style of louver, then yes any pitch is allowable within reason, usually try to go up in 1mm increment. If you require really precise spacing then we can lasercut panels to be any exact pitch to any decimal place.

But generally try to go up in 1mm increments in pitch.

We can also make different spacing or gaps if specified. As long as you send us a drawing so we can follow.

Available Material and Thicknesses

Our louvers are available in aluminium, steel or stainless steel from 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick in Aluminium and say 1mm up to 2mm in steel. If specifiy mild steel we usually make in 1mm thick, but can make in thicker steel if required. Again it is harder to press in thicker steel so we try to aim for 1mm. We usually restrict stainless steel louver panels to 1mm or less as stainless steel is much more difficult to punch and press due to greater tensile strength etc.

Is there a minimum margin allowable around pressed louvers?

Yes we do have minimum margins allowable around a particular pressed louver and also between adjacent louvers side by side. This is due to the fact that if margin is too little the material or panel itself will distort, tear, bend or stretch. We also require a minimum margin "meat" to press the actually steel into shape.

SIDE MARGINS - please allow a minimum of approximately 25mm on either side of a particular louver and the outside perimeter of the panel. (We may be able to do less say 20mm but depends on tooling and panel type)

TOP and BOTTOM MARGINS - please allow a minimum of 20mm approximately on top and bottom margins

ADJACENT or SIDE BY SIDE MARGINS - Please allow a minimum of 25-20mm between louvers spaced side to side, or a minimum gap of 20mm.

This information above relates to our standrad or most common louvers style of 15mm wide, if louvers are wider such as 24mm or 30mm then margins may have to be increased to prevent material from stretching or tearing.

Can we press existing panels or bonnets?

We are currently testing our new louver press and new tooling and we should be able to press existing panels and bonnets very soon.

What is the maximum panel width that we can do?

Our new purpose built louver press can now accept maximum panels widths of 2 meters wide by any length within reason.

Can we press bent louvers?

Yes our new purpose built louver press and new tooling can now accept bent louvers in both directions. An excellent recent example is seen on the link above "CURVED BOOT LOUVER PANELS

Examples of our manufactured Louvers:

Examples on types of louvers we can supply range from these small collection of cars to many more types for automotive and general ventilation purposes. 


These antique cars (Alfa Romeo's) above and below show a classic example of the types of bonnet louvers that we manufacture.





Alfa Romeo louver.


Above is a smaller type of double sided bonnet louver for an antique car.


The louvers above are an example of single sided louvers.

The louvers shown above are for a 1934 Bentley car. They are double sided louvers.


The above photo shows louvers for BMW, single sided, steel, 100mm wide and 200mm wide louvers.

The photos below show louvers we have made for a 1938 Chev hotrod bonnet. These louvers have a unique customized "American" shape to them and have a nice aesthetically pleasing shape to them to compliment cars of this era. These louvers are single sided, but we can also produce them in double sided depending on customers requests. These particular chev panels shown were made from steel, but we can also supply louver panels in aluminium.


The louvers above were fitted in a bonnet of a chev shown below (photos courtesy of Barry Mace).

These louvers we made below were for a 1930 Fiat, which we pressed from an existing panel, hence the discolorisation.

Notice in the photo below that we offset the same smaller length louvers to follow an interesting curve-like shape. This is the type of louvers that we can make.

We also supply louvers for Rolls Royce automobiles which have similar shape to our Bentley automotive Louvers. The three louver pictures shown below are for a 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom 1. 

The panel shown above is from a Rolls Royce bonnet. It is shown with no additional panel inserts. Note that this panel has double sided louvers of many different lengths, in order to flow around certain parts of the cart that prodrude out of the panel.

The panel above is the same Rolls Royce louver with an additional domed and a tear drop panels welded into the main panel. Please note that we have special tooling for pressing in curved shaped louvers of any length in domed shaped panels.

The panel above is for the same Rolls Royce cars bonnet but for the opposite side. Please note that all the louvers are full length double sided louvers.

The above photo is of the Rolls Royce Phantom 1 with the bonnet louver tied in place for mock up photo. And the photo below is of the same Rolls Royce phantom 1, showing what the other bonnet panel looks like.

We also manufacture MODERN BONNET LOUVERs, perfect to add extra ventilation to your cars engine bonnet.

This is an example of where these louvers are to be placed. Please note these are just resting on this cars bonnet as an example (more pictures coming soon)

The Louvers below are made specifically to cool Toyota Landcruiser Bonnets

The panel below is off a Holden Torana, we manufacture a one piece louver insert to suit existing Holden Torana side panel.

Another custom wide louver below.

Below is another picture of our modern car tapered louvers. We have recently streamlined the design to include all 150mm wide louvers on each panel.

We also manufacture 400mm wide louvers shown below

We also inserted special louvers in an existing hotrod grill panel shown below.

MODEL TRAIN LOUVERS: The following is an example of model train louvers we can supply


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