Ready Mix Tuckpointing Lime Putty



We also sell Ready-MIx Tuckpointing Lime Putty! Just open the lid and you can use straight away.

Available in 4 Litre & 10 Litre resealable buckets, for long shelf life.

How to use Ready-Mix Lime Putty?

Just open the lid and drain out the top sealant layer of water and then stir putty. Then use as required. No mess! Our Ready Mix Tuckpointing Lime Putty will save you alot time and effort. And you dont have to use all of it in one go. As long as you add a small amount of water afterwards to cover over the top of the lime putty to prevent it from drying out in the atmosphere and then reseal the lid tightly, it is possible to store the product for a long time and reuse when required. Our Ready-Mix Lime Putty can be used straight away. Some professionals prefer lime putty to sit for a number of weeks prior to use to allow better bonding and general infusion of the lime putty into the sand, so please note that aging of our Ready-Mix Lime Putty will not be a problem as long as the lime putty is kept covered in a sealant of water.

Ready-Mix Tuckpointing Lime Putty is available only in standard white natural lime colour. If you desire a particular colour to your lime putty in order to match an existing home, then you can add coloured oxides to the putty according to your requirement. We also supply colour oxides in red and black. It is best to remove a small portion of lime putty into a second container and then add and mix to this small portion a small amount of coloured oxide to first see how the colour comes out first, before doing the whole mix. Tuckpointed lines are commonly white but they can be various shades red, grey, browns, yellows and almond colour. 

Ready-Mix Lime Putty ingredients are suitable for authentic heritage tuckpointing! Our Ready-Mix Lime Putty is a mixture of rocklime and fine sand dating back to how it was originally made in the rocklime furnaces of 18th century England. It is specifically made to a traditional heritage lime putty mixture dating back well over 100 plus years. No plastisizers are added that would ruin the longevity of the lime putty on the finished exposed brick and using a traditional mix will enable an existing heritage home or heritage building to be repointed properly many, many years down the track and most importantly keep its value well into the future. 

Can Ready-Mix Lime Putty be used as a Mortar?

Yes, our Ready-Mix Lime Putty can be used for tuckpointing lines, and also to repair holes in brick mortar in existing heritage brickwork. You do not have to add any ingredients apart from say coloured oxide when used as a mortar between the joints, as the Lime Putty by itself is sufficiently suitable to do this purpose.

However you can add a little bit of sand and cement (however as mentioned elsewhere cement being impermiable prevents buildings breathing and may end up in cracks through brick and stone instead of just through the joints as cement is harder or as hard as the material it bonds together) than if you choose when used as mortar if structural integrity is more critical for very worn or very deep joints or cracks below 10mm deep but not usually for surface application as Tuckpointed Joints using Lime Putty are usually 10mm deep.

Tips on applying Tuckpointing with Lime Putty

Please remember to dampen down the walls you are tuckpointing sufficiently prior to tuckpointing with lime putty to prevent flaking off when curing, as if lime putty is placed onto dry brick mortar /brick walls the moisture will be sucked out causing flaking. So it is important that you dampen the walls prior to tuckpointing preferably with a damp/wet towel or with a very light hose spray and then dampened down with a damp towel, depending on how dry the weather is and what surface area you are doing. The brick mortar should not be too wet as to cause the lime putty to run or dissolve but just damp enough to prevent the moisture from being sucked out of the lime putty prematurely. 

When applying Lime Putty to a brick wall you can first apply a small amount ontop of a hawk tool or straight edge and then transfer using an appropriate Tuckpointing Tool.

A Tuckpointer's Straight Edge is then lined up with the tuckpointed line and using a Frenchmen knife, which is a knife with a small upturned sharp bent tip the excess Lime Putty is "cut" away from either side of the line, so a clean fine line is produced, without rough edges. 

(more info on how to Tuckpoint is coming soon)

How much Ready-Mix Lime Putty do I require?

As a general estimate only, each 4L bucket of Ready-Mix Lime Putty should do a minimum of 20 square metres of wall. So therefore a 10L bucket of Ready-Mix Lime Putty should do 50 square metres of brick wall. This depends on how much you watse and other factors such as brick type, size and shape. But you can use ths as a rough estimate.

If you accidently spill or get lime putty on areas you do not want then you should clean up as soon as possible, if left to dry you can use a dilute acid to wash off if any other means is not an option.

How to removing Lime Putty from Bricks- What happens if I find some insoluble lime scum on my bricks? How do I remove this without bleaching the tuckpointed joints?

Sometimes no matter how good you are you may unknowingly or accidentally spill or drip lime putty onto un intentional areas.

The solution is to use hydrochloric acid and brush it onto the affected brickwork. But you must use a 10% concentration only - NOT MORE CONCENTRATED! If you use too strong an acid and it soaks too much into the brick it can "burn" the lime mortar and professional tuckpointers have told me that it actually can go green. And you may not see affects till as much as 3 weeks later. So please be careful with the amount of acid you use. Also it is harmful to hands and eyes so wear gloves and eye protection.

When applying an acid, scrub on the acid and leave for 5 minutes only.

Then wash off/scrub off twice with plain water. And wash down wall to remove an acid residue.

If this does not work, then use hydrated lime over the affected areas overnight and wait till the morning to remove with water

In both cases you will have to re-tuckpoint the affected areas.

If you are still having trouble getting rid of lime mortar from unwanted areas then another remedy may be to use Selley's sugar soap.

You may want to use masking tape to cover any surrounding tuckpointing from exposure to acid prior to acid application, but remember to peel off after washing the walls so it doesnt retain any acid and wash without tape.


We send our Ready-Mix Lime Putty Throughout Australia and New Zealand. We can stick on tools to the top lid of the bucket whenever possible to save on postage.


PLEASE NOTE regarding fastest local Australia wide delivery only: LIme Putty boxes are too large to fit inside a 3kg or 5kg Next Day delivery Australia Post Express Post Satchel so we have to send all Lime Putty Parcels in a heavy cardboard box with strapping so they are handled with care and sent by normal regular Parcel Post (5-6days delivery) or Express Parcel Post (2-3 day delivery within Australia). So the fastest delivery method within Australia is Express Parcel Post which is 2-3 days not next day delivery. Unfortunately our website shopping cart calculator bases shipping method only on weight not size so please do not expect next day delivery for any lime putty as next day delivery is only available for anything that we can fit inside an Express Post Satchel and fits inside the regular Post box slot. So if your shipping says it is next day delivery then please note that it will unfortunately be 2-3 days due to size not weight. 

Ready-Mix Lime Putty

Delivery Australia wide.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to drain off small top layer of sealant water before using or prior to stiring putty, otherwise mix may be a little too wet. If you forget and accidentally mix the sealant water through the mix, dont worry - just give bucket a quick shake, so as to settle the lime putty to bottom of the bucket and leave bucket with lid on for 24hrs (next day etc) for water to rise back up again and for solids to settle downward, then tip off small sealant layer of water. The Ready Mix Lime Putty is already pre-mixed through so you only maybe need to give a little stir prior to use. After use you can then add a small sealant layer to top of the lime putty that remains, place lid back on and leave. Mix will last for a very long time if doesn't dry out. 

**all prices in australian dollars**

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