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We manufacture ice sphere makers for bars and clubs, so that you can make custom shaped ice cubes. These ice cubes are shaped to add interest to drinks. They can also be made to be more solidly packed than standard ice cubes so that the stay solid for longer in drinks before melting. Special flavours, spices and other ingrdients can be added to the ice spheres prior to freezing so that upon slow melting can release addtional flavours rather than merely diluting a drink. The ice spheres are warmed up first by dipping for a required period in boiling hot water and then a solid ice cube is placed between the two mold halves. The top mold half which is hot slowly travels down along the dowel pin guides by gravity downwards to then "shape" the ice cube by melting away ice from around the sphere which is then removed from the tool. The stainless steel handle on the top mold is not shown on the pictures below, which is required to handle the hot top mold and place it safely onto the dowel pins over the ice. Some of the trendiest bars in melbourne use our ice sphere makers.

We can manufacture any size ice sphere and also manufacture any other shape that you have in mind.

We have recently upgraded our design with turned handles and anodised in gold for better aethetics and cleanability.


"If you have been to an upscale bar or restaurant lately, you've probably noticed that bar-tenders are paying alot more attention to ice, from the size and shape of the cube to the ingredients. The so-called artisanal-ice movement is in full swing. So, what is exactly the point of these chiseled cubes and tennis balls of ice? Basically two reasons :- density and dilution. "the way ice freezes in a typical freezer is basically from all directions, outsie in, because of this air and impurities get trapped inside the cube in the form of flecks and bubbles. The clearer the ice, the denser it is. The denser the ice, the more slowly it melts. The densest ice comes from nature, where constant water movement below the surface causes the freezing to happen top-down. That is why establishments that take their spirits seriously have been turning to natural-ice distributors. Bar owners are also turning to using ice sphere makers to make ice interesting by adding shapes that are interesting to consumers and solid natural ice can be heat melt compressed to form perfectly round spheres which look great in a tumbler of whisky for example. 

Referenced partly from Andrew Del-Colle (Popular Mechanics september 2014)

ICE SPHERE MAKER for 60mm Diameter Ice spheres Anodised

Price = $220 + gst = $242. 

Delivery = worldwide

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We manufacture 60mm diameter ice spheres for use with drinks and bars   ..
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